Red light district

The red light district is a popular description of the urban area in which there is a large density of erotic services. For the first time the term red light district appeared in 1894. We can talk about such districts almost everywhere in the world. The most popular are in Amsterdam and Paris. Outside of Europe, popular cities for sexual adventure enthusiasts are Bangkok or New Delhi.

Another popular concept, sometimes confused with the red light district, is the city of sin. This term refers to the urban area, which brings together various manifestations of debauchery such as prostitution, drugsor clubbing. The most popular city of sin is Las Vegas, Nevada.

Red light district in the area of ​​Great Britain

Most of the big cities are struggling with prostitution problem. Well … is that a problem? There is a demand for it, and supply! Can United Kingdom like Paris and Amsterdam boast a red light district? Certainly yes. One example is the Kensington district in Liverpool. The eastern part of the Beatles’ home town is only losing to some districts in London such as Paddington escorts or Soho escorts. Another example of a city that is eagerly visited by night entertainment enthusiasts is Leeds.

Finding articles from 2016 on the Internet, you can see that Leeds went even further. Well, the district of Holbeck has allowed prostitutes to work legally in the designated area of ​​the city from 7 p.m. up to 7 a.m. This decision of the local authorities did not appeal to everyone. Residents complain about noise. In addition, permitting legal red light district districts raises concerns about maintaining security in the city. On the other hand, enthusiasts of this idea stress that regulated prostitution (controlled by the police and taking place in the designated area of ​​the city) is better than prostitution acting outside of the regulations.

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